How to create a summer smokey eye


How to create a summer smokey eye

The smokey eye is not just for your winter make up look nor should it be saved just for going out. With the right colours you can create a gorgeous summery smokey eye using just four eyeshadow colours.

For this tutorial I have recreated this ‘every day smokey eye’  using Arbonne products.

You will need:

  • Makeup brush set
  • Primer
  • Four eyeshadows
    1. Blackout for the eyeliner
    2. Linen for the light colour
    3. Smoke for the medium colour
    4. Java (or Cabinet if you love the plum colour palette) for the darkest colour
  • Mascara

Step 1. Cover your entire eyelid with primer, this will help blend the colours, avoid any patchiness and will stop your eyeshadow from creasing.

Step 2. Wet your eyeliner brush (the angle brush), shake off any excess water and ‘pickup’ a decent amount of your Blackout onto the brush, tap off any excess shadow and line the top eyelid along the lash line. 

Start from the centre and work outwards to the edge of your eye, using small, light strokes, then using the same light stroke line from the inner corner of your eye to meet the liner in the centre.  Don’t worry about the line being perfect we are going to blend this with your other colours.

Step 3. Using the medium colour, Smoke – cover the outer three-quarters of your eyelid – up the the brow bone (or eye socket) and out to the edge of your eyeliner.

Step 4. Using your contouring brush, add Java (or Cabinet as a substitute) into the eye crease starting from the outer eye and covering about a three quarters of the crease, now with the same brush lightly sweep the colour under your lower lash line, again about three quarters of the way across.

Step 5. Take the lightest colour, Linen – starting at the inner corner of your eyelid and start blending with smoke (medium colour) then blend ‘smoke’ into the eyeliner you created and  blend with Java (or cabinet)

Step 6. Wipe away any excess shadow that has fallen under the eyes  and finish off with a coat of mascara (or 2 for extra effect) both top and bottom lashes.

After you have finished with your eyes, apply your foundation (using your foundation brush) or CC creme, a light dusting of blusher. I love ‘Blossom’ because it has a gorgeous golden highlight through it.

Now finish off with a neutral lipgloss, I use ‘Calla’, its a colour that works well for most people.  If you feel the need you can add a touch of Bronzer but don’t over do it, Bronzer can make or break your makeup.

What are your favourite ‘summer’ colours?

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