Workshops & Courses

School Based Program

 Self Confidence and Modern Personal Development for Teens

This signature program is a six week hands on training course that is run at your school by our educators

Our past students have reported, after participating in our workshops, an improved sense of self  was achieved because they learnt what suits them and what doesn’t. This helped to reaffirm their personal style and to build confidence and resilience in a time of their life that is full of uncertainties and pressures to ‘look the part’. 

Our classes are kept to a maximum of 16 students which allows each student to get individual attention and knowledge that is specific to them.

In this course we cover:

•  Gaining positive Self/Body Confidence
•  Mindfulness
•  How to write a resume
•  Job interview skills
•  The importance of skincare and sunscreen
 How to apply makeup for your skin tone and colouring
 Appropriate makeup for different occasions
 Hair styles to enhance and flatter your features
 Hair-up styles and makeup for different occasions•  How to complete your look in just 5 minutes

All attendees will receive a complimentary ‘sampler bag’  valued at over $120.00

Workshops, Courses and School Incursions

Our workshops can be tailored to your needs and budget.  Some of the courses we have run to date have been:

•  Goal Setting
•  Gaining self respect
•  Meditation (demystifying it)
•  Positive mindsets
•  How to stay safe at ‘schoolies’
•  Resume writing and job interview skills
•  Skincare/makeup workshop
•  Hair up workshop
•  How to go from an everyday hair and makeup to evening/formal look in            half and hour
•  Perfecting the messy bun
•  Highlighting and contouring like a pro

These workshops run for a minimum of 2 hours up to a full day