20 tips to keep your skin looking younger


20 tips to keep your skin looking younger

I’ve been in the skincare and makeup industry for over 25 years and have always taken good care of my skin, to me its a ritual that I go through morning and night, the time it takes is inconsequential because its something that I’ve always done.

I am amazed at the number of women who ask my advice on how to get that flawless finish to their makeup and are happy to spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics but are not willing to spend the time or money on their skincare routine that will, more often than not, give them their ‘flawless finish’. 

Good skincare products and habits are far better than hiding behind layers of face make up.

Heres are 20 tips on how to make you look (and feel) younger:

1. Drink lots of water. You’ve heard it thousands of times, there’s a reason it’s number one in top 20 tips. If you’re well hydrated, so is your skin. If you’re dehydrated your skin (all over your body) will look papery.

2. Turn your skincare routine into a ritual, for me its automatic and I enjoy the process and the results.

3. Find a good skincare product that suits your skin type and includes an SPF. If you prefer your skin care without SPF, make sure you wear sunscreen every day – make it part of your routine. Sun damage is incredibly ageing and easily avoidable.

4. Keep your lips moisturised. Avoid bright coloured lipstick if your lips are cracking and flaking, and avoid  long wearing lipsticks – they  dry your lips out more.

5. ALWAYS take your makeup off at the end of the day, this is a must. If there is one guaranteed way to age your skin, it’s leaving your makeup on overnight.

6. Find the right colour and texture foundation for your skin tone. Foundation must match your face, neck and the rest of your body. Apply a little along your jawline, if it blends in so you can’t see it, its the right colour.

7. ‘Caked on’ foundation finds all the wrinkles! Don’t wear too much foundation or over-powder your skin. Keep in mind that matte powders tend to flake off – not a good look!

8. Thick eyebrows or eyebrows to shape your face will give you a youthful look – over-plucked, over-waxed or drawn on brows will make you look like your Granny.

9. Use a good primer all over your face, including the eyelid, this will help prevent the eyeshadow from creasing, and avoid creme eyeshadows.

10. Avoid brightly coloured eyeshadows, leave these to the teens (I still cringe when I see a teen wearing these neon colours).

11. Once your mascara starts looking ‘clumpy’ on your lashes its time for a new one, too much mascara will draw attention to lines around your eyes.

12. Match your lip liner with your natural lip colour or to the lipstick you are wearing and use a good lip primer to avoid your lipstick ‘bleeding’. When lipstick bleeds, it’s bleeds straight into any lines around your lips.

13. If your teeth are starting to yellow, avoid red lipstick because it can make the whitest of teeth look yellow.

14. If your hair is starting to grey make sure you even out the tones by having it coloured, or embrace the greys and get a stylish cut, don’t let your hairstyle and colour grow out ‘together’.

15. The harder you live, the harder you look. More than a couple of glasses of wine a night will add years to you face (and how you feel).

16. Try not to worry. Less worry means less worry lines. Living in the now will definitely help you feel younger, and if you feel younger you’ll look younger. Living in a constantly stressed state shows in our faces – stress has a dehydrating effect on our skin, when we are under stress the body takes blood from our peripheral organs (our skin) to provide our muscles with energy, therefore leaving our skin dry and sallow looking.

17. Change your outlook. Rather than the “daily skincare grind” view it as your morning and evening investment in yourself. If you treat it as the lovely ritual that it is, it’s likely you’ll enjoy it and be more inclined to do it. Instead of it being just one more job you have to do, it can be the first and last thing you do for yourself each day.

18. Don’t fight the ageing process, embrace it.

19. Get some sleep. Tired eyes make you look older. Long term sleep deprivation is linked to several chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes, as well as poor mental health. A good night’s sleep may not be a ‘cure all’ but it certainly comes close.

20. Remember to smile, scowling brings out frown lines. Coco Chanel captured it beautifully:

“As you get older, you get the face you deserve”

What tips do you have to stay younger looking?

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